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OPEN BOOK - Saturday, June 23, 2018
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BOARD OF REVIEW - Monday, July 9, 2018 - (New Date)
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The Town of Alden will not have an Animal Warden
If you or anyone you know might be interested in this position,
please contact the Town of Alden



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* If you are not building a new home, please scroll past the Impact Fee section for other building permit fee costs.

~  Impact Fees  ~
New Home Construction or any modification to existing residential development 
that results in the creation of additional residential dwelling units.

The Town of Alden has established an ordinance of Impact Fees to help finance the capital costs of acquiring, establishing, upgrading, expanding, and constructing public facilities that are necessary to accommodate such development.  This ordinance is intended to assure that development bears an appropriate share of the cost of capital expenditures necessary to provide such public facilities within the Town and its service area.  Impact fees shall be imposed on a per Residential Equivalent Unit (REU) bases.  Click here to view the Impact Fee Ordinance.

Total Cost of Impact Fee is $2,740.00 to be used in these three categories:

Transportation Impact Fee

The public road impact fee shall be $2,020.00 for each REU

Parks and Recreation Impact Fee

The parks and recreation impact fee shall be $320.00 for each REU

Public Facilities Impact Fee

The public facilities impact fee shall be $400.00 for each REU

All Impact Fees shall be imposed on anyone seeking to construct or create a land development in the Town, including land development on vacant or partially vacant land, and land development on lots created.  



390 5th St. NW, Apt 108, Clear Lake, WI 54005


The undersigned parties, a Wisconsin municipality, hereinafter called Town of Alden and Inspection Agency., 390 5th Street NW, Apt. 108, Clear Lake, WI. 54005, hereinafter called Moriak Enterprises, agree to the following:


The Town of Alden has adopted an Ordinance to enforce the Wisconsin Uniform Dwelling Code DSPS 320-325 and has created a position of building inspector and Moriak Enterprises is a Certified Independent Inspection Agency that has the ability to interpret and enforce the applicable building codes.

Inspection services include:

        1.    Meet and confer with contractors, developers and owners regarding building plans and concepts.

        2.    Review building plans for new construction or additions for building code compliance.

        3.    Help complete the necessary applications and determine the permits needed.

        4.    Determine the total permit fee for the project and collect all fees.

        5.    Establish an Administration fee of $50.00 for each project which covers permit forms, ordering State permit seals, collecting payments, sending forms to the State, handle phone inquiries, filing and other miscellaneous                 duties.

        6.    Perform all UDC required inspections and to enforce the code with corrective notices or penalties if needed.

        7.    Inform the Town of Alden of any state level changes to the building code.

        8.    Inspection Agency shall stay current on all the latest code requirements and provide the Town of Alden with copies of all applicable licenses and certifications.

        9.    Inspection Agency will work with the Town of Alden to provide any services that can legally be offered including Commercial Building Code enforcement, if agreed.

        10.  Attend Town of Alden meetings upon request.

        11.  Moriak Enterprises shall be available to the Town of Alden and permit holders by telephone, cell phone or e-mail during normal business hours.  The website is always available.

Inspections and Reporting:

        1.    Inspections shall be completed within two business days from the time the request is made.

        2.    Inspector shall keep a record of all permits issued and of all inspections completed and make them available to the Clerk upon request.

        3.    An annual Report will be given to the Town Board in late winter of each year.

Town of Alden services include:

        1.    Meeting space to provide information to contractors and owners, if needed.

        2.    Issue and collect Town of Alden Impact Fees for affected permits.

        3.    Issue and collect all driveway permits and fees.

        4.    Town of Alden and Moriak Enterprises will split all building permit penalty fees 50/50.


        1.    Moriak Enterprises will perform inspections for the Town of Alden throughout the term of this agreement to the best of his ability whenever notified of the need for such services.

        2.    Moriak Enterprises is an independent contractor with inspection fees to be the only compensation with not taxes or other withholdings.

        3.    Moriak Enterprises will provide Professional Errors and Omissions insurance for the inspector and a General Liability Insurance with a $ 1,000,000.00 limit.

        4.    Moriak Enterprises will provide transportation and automobile insurance for said vehicle.

        5.    Moriak Enterprises shall provide all inspection forms and all office supplies used by the inspector.

Inspection Fees:

Inspection fees for new construction are based on the total valuation of the project.

Inspection Fee is $100.00 plus $3.75 per $1,000.00 of total project valuation, plus Administrative fees of $50.00

The current valuations are:

        Living Area                            $88.50 sq/ft

        Basement or Garage            $30.00 sq/ft

        Detached Buildings              $30.00 sq/ft

        Decks and open Porches    $16.50  sq/ft

        Administrative Fees             $50.00


Modular Dwelling units are computed at 66% of the new construction fee.

Manufactured Home Units (Mobile Homes) are a $200.00 flat rate plus any additions.

Alterations and Shell only dwellings are computed at 66% of the new construction fee.

Commercial permit fees are computed on the total valuation of the new construction project.

Permit application assistance fee          $50.00 (if needed)

Re-inspection or change fee                  $55.00 per hour

State UDC Permit fee                            $35.00 or current fee

Permit to start                                        $50.00

Penalty for starting without a permit      Up to double the permit fee

Other Municipal permit fees                   As needed

Phone: (715) 948-2003
Cell:  (715) 641-0196